Kitchens fit for chefs

A professional kitchen where storing, preparing, cooking and serving food, as well as washing up, become second nature, transforming every cook into a real chef. That's why Abimis isn't just any kitchen. It's THE kitchen.


The material that dreams are made of

What do chefs dream of?
A pinch of spice fluttering above a dish, making it truly unforgettable.
An unexpected combination of flavours.
Or a material that was simply made to be in the kitchen, such as stainless steel.
Bright and a vision of perfection, the stainless steel of an Abimis kitchen always remains the same, even if it spends its days amid pots and pans, steam, gratins and sautés. Whoever thinks that this material is cold, simply doesn't understand how to interpret a heart that burns with passion for the art of cooking.
How could we ask for more from those who work with us?

The essence of a stainless steel kitchen that highlights and glorifies the art of craftsmanship

Professional kitchens: maximum customisation potential thanks to modular elements and high quality, stainless steel finishings.

Designed to enhance and make use of all the space available: tidiness and practicality are the words to describe Abimis professional kitchens. Modular solutions are hugely important in order to best organise all of the kitchen's components, with nothing being left to chance. The use of the Gastronorm modular system allows every single element to be customised, from the work surface to food storage drawers. What chef wouldn't want to work in an Abimis professional kitchen?

Hygiene and cleaning

Stain-free and fearless

It's not easy to remain spotless. And even less so for a kitchen.
Just think of the ascetic atmosphere of the kitchen in Babette's Feast, or of the princess of Vatel, a kitchen full of energy such as Ratatouille's or full of sadness like Cinderella's. Being put to the test every day and always remaining nice and clean and resistant to the outside world, requires strong nerves. Nerves of steel actually. Because only stainless steel is capable of not absorbing anything, without giving off any odours or substances. That's why it has become the unrivalled first choice for any professional kitchen, including the famous range by Abimis.

Industrial style and innovative functions: getting the best results in the shortest time possible

Industrial kitchens: rigour and simplicity, fundamental characteristics for Abimis designers.

Out of all current trends, industrial style features strongly in Abimis kitchens, combining Made in Italy craftsmanship with the innovative culture of central Europe. A stainless steel kitchen, able to represent a design concept interpreted by simple lines and high quality finishings. The reflections of the stainless steel and the meticulous shapes create a refined and minimal atmosphere.


In the beginning was the word. Cooking.

A simple but revolutionary concept. To create a kitchen for cooking. Fire, water and ice all have their place in the stainless steel of an Abimis kitchen, thanks to a design that accompanies a constant flow of harmonious movements. These are the movements of the creator, of the cook. Of whoever uses the kitchen to create something. This is who the designer examines materials for, defining shapes and details and really bringing out the craftsmanship and production techniques used to create the object.
Creating a chef’s dream kitchen.

The courage to be bold, exploring new concepts and the strength of stainless steel.

A new conception of space that transforms limits into surprising project potential: the result is a customised, exclusive and top of the range kitchen.

Kitchens of the future with essential lines, straightforward layouts and simple, hi-tech equipment that's easy to use. What are the characteristics of a top of the range kitchen? All Abimis designers are obsessed with fine details: from the extractable tops to the refrigerated rubbish bin, without forgetting the heated drawers for plates. We offer our customers the most innovative systems in order to satisfy everyone’s unique requirements, guaranteeing a top of the range, quality product.

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